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Sharon Shaked

Lead developer, sole worker & CEO @ Sharon Shaked Software Services


Welcome to my humble website.

My name is Sharon, A 32 year old software and web developer and professional web surfer from Haifa, Israel.

I am a proud husband and father, and I love spending quality time with my family. I believe in life-work balance. This doesn't mean I don't devote myself to work; instead it means that I do like to get up from my chair and go for a walk from time to time.

Besides crafting stuff from code words I enjoy traveling, ASMR, I have a YouTube channel on kids videos and generally spending time with my loved ones.

Here on the site you can find my CV, goto my LinkedIn profile, learn about me and just relax.

Before I conclude, let me state that this website is built on the "Accessible+" HTML website template I created. It is accessible and meets both WCAG 2.0 AA & Section 508 Standards. I think it's cool.

Nice to meet you!